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San Bartolo Mezcal, 100% Maguey Espadín Quiegolani Joven Mezcal Artesanal Oaxaca, Mexico (750ml)

Taste:herbal and piney nose with a crisp minerality and delicate smoke finish. 
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Brand: San Bartolo

San Bartolo Mezcal Artesanal is a unique Mexican spirit of yore distilled by four generations of Maestros Mezcaleros in the San Bartolo Yautepec valley in Oaxaca. It has delicate herbal and fresh mineral notes with a particular clean smoke. The creation of this Mezcal has been made possible by the hard work and tradition of the people of the Yautepec Valley and Valentin Martinez Lopez, Maestro Mezcalero.

San Bartolo Mezcal Artesanal is a dream come true for Lopez and his grandson, who sought to represent their village and their values by creating this sustainable Mezcal brand.

The family of Valentin Martinez Lopez has been making Mezcal for more than four generations. Lopez has an intricate understanding of the processes of yore that are involved in making this celebrated spirit.


Here San Bartolo highlights their friends Enrique Diaz Cruz from the neighboring village of Santa Maria Quiegolani. Enrique has been distilling for over 50 years and his process that truly showcases the region's unique style. The Espadin is grown at 7000 above sea level and matured between 6-8 years before harvesting, the plant is then cooked Earthen Pits and fermented in Pine vats for 6-10 days. The results are a herbal and piney nose with a crisp minerality and delicate smoke finish. 

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