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Mullineux Syrah Swartland, South Africa 2019

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Brand: Mullineaux

Grape: Syrah

Taste: One of the best vintages of Mullineux Syrah to date. Since the great drought in the Western Cape which started in 2014, the vines had beautifully adapted, resulting in wines with superb complexity and an incredibly balanced intensity. This Swartland Syrah has a classic perfume of wild-growing white Watsonia Lilies, fresh mulberries and black olive pips. The structured palate follows through with intricate layers of kumquats, dark plums, sour cherry and star anise and finishes with powerful and velvety tannins. 


Additional Info:

Mullineux Syrah 2019 captures the spirit of South Africa’s celebrated Swartland region, a wine that tells the story of its origins through every sip. Renowned for its terroir-driven approach, Mullineux’s 2019 Syrah is a symphony of the region’s diverse soils and microclimates, offering a wine that is as intricate as it is compelling. The year 2019 was marked by a harmonious blend of sunny days and cool nights, providing the perfect backdrop for growing Syrah grapes that express the full potential of their environment.

This wine is the result of a deep respect for the land and a commitment to sustainable viticulture, ensuring each bottle encapsulates the unique qualities of the vintage and the varietal. The Mullineux Syrah 2019 is a testament to the family’s philosophy of minimal intervention, allowing the wine to showcase its natural elegance and complexity.

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