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Misguided Vines Aurora Sicily, Italy 2022

Vegan & Organic. Taste: Crushable light white wine with citrus fruits, lemon zest, fresh peaches, citrus blossoms, lychee.
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Product Details
Brand: Misguided

Producer: Misguided

Grape: 100% Catarratto (Lucido)

Where: Trapani, Sicily

Country: Italy

Taste: Citrus fruits, lemon zest, fresh peaches, citrus blossoms, lychee with light-medium body, medium acidity.

Vibes With: Antipasti, fish, Thai food, sushi, soft goat cheese, chicken, couscous, shellfish, grilled vegetables, salad, pasta

Additional Info:

vegan-friendly wines are made with organic grapes planted throughout the Northwest coastal province of Trapani, Sicily. More specifically, in the heart of the Valle del Belice (Valley of Belice), which includes the villages of Vita, Calatafimi-Segesta, Salemi, and Campobello di Mazara.

Our growers use sustainable winemaking practices that not only make our wines taste better, but help protect the local environment, support social responsibility, and promote economic growth in their communities.

We are proud of our wines, and we are proud to work with the men and women who make them. Their wine cooperative in Sicily reminds us of our own “cooperative” of sorts: a group of like-minded individuals, passionate about their chosen craft, coming together to create quality products that just taste good.

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