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Kings County Distillery Empire Straight Rye Whiskey New York, USA (750ml)

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Brand: Kings County Distillery

Kings County Distillery Empire Rye, Barrel Proof Staight Rye Whiskey 

Part of  the larger Empire Rye project involving many distilleries across New York. This is batch #7 of Kings County Distillery Empire rye whiskey and made of  80% New York grown Danko Rye and 20% English Barley Malt then aged for two years in new char oak barrels. This flavorful rye whiskey has notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and maple, bottled at 102 proof this is a excellent rye whiskey for a Manhattan on the rocks. 

Whiskey : Barrel Proof New York Striaght Rye Whiskey 

Producer : Kings County Distillery 

Where : Brooklyn, New York 

Country : USA


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