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Fruktstereo Free Your Rind Sparkling Cider Sweden 2021

Taste: Fresh and drinkable on the palate, very juicy, the nose expresses fruity and citrus notes, giving a funky.
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Sparkling fruit wine (Pét-Nat) made of apples, pears, and cherries. 

Producer: Fruktstereo

Fruits used: apples, pears, and cherries

Country: Sweden

Taste: Fresh and drinkable on the palate, very juicy, the nose expresses fruity and citrus notes, giving a funky and offbeat taste experience.

Made without pestidices, herbicides, unfiltered, without additives. 

About the Cider:

Free Your Rind is a co-fermentation project we made in collaboration with their good friend, Brian McClintic, owner of the natural wine club, Viticole. Their heart lies within the unexplored frield of co-fermented wines that does not limit itself to grapes. The taste is important. Not the type of fruit itself. This sparkling fruit wine (Fruit Pét-Nat) is made together with Brian at the Fruktstereo cellar, and consists of lcally sourced apples and cherries that were harvested and grown at Magnus Nilsson's fruit orchard, Axelstorp in Skåne. The Plums are from Solgerga, Dalby, and grapes from Hällåkra & Klagshamn just outside of Malmö. Maxing all these fruits creates an electric and vibrant beverage, that despite its multitude of ingredients is very much its own entity. 

About the Producer:

We are Karl Sjöström and Mikael Nypelius and our lovely crew in Malmö, Sweden. Hej! After working as runners, dishwashers, waiters, managers and sommeliers we decided to challenge the way we perceive wine and cider in our Nordic region. Inspired by forward thinking friends, cider and natural wine producers, we went foraging for Apples, pears, grapes and basically everything we could ferment into something drinkable (in the beginning with varying degrees of success).in 2016 we started out with a small 3000 bottle production at Hällåkra vineyard working with mostly foraged fruit, and today we produce over 50.000 bottles a year in central Malmö with our own fruityard in Haväng, Österlen about 1 hour to the east of Malmö close to the Baltic Sea. Haväng is our dream come true, an old school orchard with free standing trees once attached to the medieval farm “Haväng gård” just a few hundred meters from one of the longest och most scenic beaches in Sweden. It spans over 13,5 ha all situated in the natur reserve of “Verkeån” the largest river on Österlen that also runs through the orchard, or fruityard as we now call it after planting in different verities of grapes, quince and berries to complement the already existing classic Scandinavian verities of apples, plums and pears. With Fruktstereo we want to create natural alcoholic beverages without additives, using sustainably grown swedish produce without pesticides. We only use the indgenious yeast in the fruit and we will never manipulate our products in any way, we don’t see as natural.

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