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Enclos des Braves "Sors De Ta Bulle'"Sparkling Gaillac NV

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Brand: Enclos des Braves

Enclos des Braves Description

An invigorating biodynamic Pét-nat based on the Pink Mauzac grape from the southwest of France
Producer: Enclos des Braves
Grape: 100% Mauzac Rose
Where: Gaillac
Country: France
Taste: A nose filled with lively lemon and pear aromas, along with fresh apple blossom.  The palate is crisp with abundant bubbles.
Additional info:
Ancestral Method, meaning bubbles are generated naturally in one fermentation that finishes in bottle.
L'Enclos des Braves was founded in Gaillac, France by trained winemaker and biodynamic farmer Nicolas Lebrun.  A native of the southwest of France, Nicolas specializes in growing ancient grape varieties that are indigenous to the region, including Mauzac Rose, Braucol, and Prunelart to name a few.

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