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Dario Rota (Castellazzo, Emilia Romagna) Lambrusco NV

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Brand: Dario Rota

Dario Rota Description
A ruby-hued, dry Lambrusco made from organically farmed grapes that is both fruity and deliciously savory in profile
Producer: Dario Rota
Grapes: Lambrusco Salamino & Lambrusco Grasparossa
Where: Castellazo, Emilia-Romagna
Country: Italy
Taste: This dark & dry Lambrusco showcases plenty of juicy, red berry fruit on the nose that is balanced by earthy notes of coffee, cocoa, and charcuterie.  Medium-bodied with bright acids that scream for pizza.
Vibes with: Pizza, grilled chicken, charcuterie 
Additional info:
Long, slow, low temperature fermentation. During the winter following harvest, the juice is left in the natural cold for its slow stabilization, the only way to avoid having to use industrial chemicals.
Dario Rota is a sustainable winery founded by a family of pioneers in natural viticulture in the Castellazzo area.  Since1907, the Rota family winery have become renowned for their refreshing and delightfully easy-drinking versions of Lambrusco, based on the Salamino and Grasparossa varieties.

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