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Benjamin Bridge Pet-Nat Nova Scotia, Canada NV (250ml Can)

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Brand: Benjamin Bridge

Grape: Geisenheim

Pétillant Naturel, the ancestor of all sparkling wines, sees the least intervention of any wine during its creation. A wild-fermented, raw, and living wine, our 2020 Pet Nat displays a beautiful, hazy golden colour in the glass when poured. Its cloudiness comes from fermentation sediments - a desirable outcome of this natural style. On the nose, hints of orange confit and kaffir lime are complemented by mineral notes of crushed rocks. The palate is airy, a weightlessness channelling fresh lemon zest and grapefruit oil suggestions. Enjoy well-chilled or on ice alone, accompanied by scallops, avocado and baby kale salad, or chorizo sausage with kimchi.

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