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Badel 1862 'Antique' Pelinkovac Liqueur Croatia (700ml)

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Producer: Badel 1862 'Antique Pelinkovac'

Country: Croatia

Style: Herbal Liqueur

Taste: "Pouring a dark caramel in the glass and giving pronounced and unique aromas of a variety of herbs and fruits. Highlighted by notes of licorice, bitter orange peel, coriander, dill, and fig the notes is incredible complex and attractive. Lightly spicy and peppery on the palate with a subtle sweetness with distinctive sensations of mint" - Ultimate Beverage Challenge


Additional info:

Step back in time with Antique Pelinkovac, a Croatian herbal liqueur steeped in tradition and excellence. Since 1862, this premium spirit has captivated taste buds and garnered over 60 international awards, including a Gold Medal at the 2021 World Spirits Awards.

Antique Pelinkovac is a labor of love. The secret recipe, featuring over 40 aromatic Mediterranean botanicals, is crafted with 100% natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or preservatives dilute its authentic character.

The unique flavor profile is influenced by a legendary A. Ziemann copper still, in use since 1921. Over a century of accumulated plant residue imbues Antique with an unmatched depth and complexity. Each batch of Antique embarks on a journey of meticulous aging in oak barrels. When it reaches its peak, the liqueur is carefully bottled, ensuring a consistent and exceptional experience. For added peace of mind, a unique serial number marks each bottle, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality control.

The dominant wormwood note, with its distinctive aroma and subtle bitterness, is balanced by a symphony of botanicals. This luxurious herbal liqueur is best enjoyed chilled, perhaps with a touch of citrus or on its own.

For the Discerning Palate - A timeless classic, waiting to be discovered by those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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